Bestinet unveils technology to help avoid plight of migrant workers

KUALA LUMPUR: Bestinet Sdn Bhd has unveiled a foreign workers centralised management system (FWCMS) following concerns raised by United Nations Human Rights Council-appointed experts on the plight of Bangladeshi migrants in Malaysia.

Bestinet is a local information technology company known for delivering comprehensive cross-border technology solutions.

Bestinet chief executive officer Ismail Mohd Noor said the adversities faced by migrant workers here are distressing.

He acknowledged the deceptive recruitment tactics that often result in migrant workers being left without employment or shelter upon their arrival in the country.

“Many Bangladeshi migrants come to Malaysia hoping for stable jobs, but often find out there are no jobs available when they get there. Such cases could be avoided with proper due diligence through the FWCMS system.

“Our FWCMS is not just a technological solution; it embodies our unwavering dedication to upholding the welfare and fundamental rights of migrant workers,” Ismail said today.

FWCMS, he said, revolutionises the hiring and management processes for migrant workers, ensuring transparency, accountability and adherence to regulatory standards.

He said by digitising and centralising procedural steps, the system provides visibility and traceability throughout the employment journey, mitigating the risk of exploitation and abuse.

Key features of FWCMS include streamlined application processes for employers, enhanced contract management mechanisms and seamless verification channels for relevant authorities.

Furthermore, the system incorporates safeguards such as secure wage monitoring modules and anonymous reporting channels to protect workers’ safety and ensure fair treatment.

FWCMS aligns with government and international regulationsd, guaranteeing that all hiring practices meet legal and ethical standards, Ismail said.

He noted that collaborative effort is required to address the multifaceted challenges of migrant labour.

“No single system or solution can solve all the challenges associated with migrant labour. It requires ongoing dialogue, adaptation, and cooperation between nations, businesses, and international organisations to protect and uplift every migrant worker’s human right truly,” he added.