Bestinet Statement on The Star Allegation

In response to the Article “Syndicate smuggled in over 100,000 workers from Bangladesh” published by The Star on 22 June 2018, Bestinet would like to state that the allegations made against Bestinet by the author of the article are entirely false.

We would like to clarify that Bestinet is not a recruitment agency nor is it involved in the operation of the foreign workers recruitment process in Malaysia or labour source countries. Bestinet does not operate SPPA but provides the system and platform to the company that operates it.

SPPA is based on Bestinet’s own pioneering and award-winning product, the Foreign Workers Centralized Management System (FWCMS) developed specifically for governments. The system has all the elements of safeguarding the security of destination countries, the health and wellbeing of citizens and foreign workers, enforcement and compliance of processes as well as looking after the welfare of foreign workers.

FWCMS helps to make the processes involved in the recruitment and management of workers more efficient and transparent as it eliminates all the manual and time-consuming processes significantly while enabling governments from source and destination countries to monitor the process in real time.

FWCMS is designed to assist users and stakeholders in compliance and regulatory processes related to migrant workers from selecting, recruiting, regular management, monitoring and ensuring that workers return safely to their home countries upon completion of their contracts. If implemented in its entirety, it can eliminate human trafficking, forced labour, and even undocumented workers.

Bestinet would also like to clarify that the RM305 fees per worker paid by employers as mentioned in the Article, is not collected by Bestinet, but covers charges for three different service providers as
mutually agreed by the Malaysian and Bangladesh Governments.

The breakdown is as follows:

No Services Fees (MYR)
1 SPPA – Service Provider A 100
2 Immigration Security Clearance
(ISC) – Service Provider B
3 Bio-Medical – Bestinet 100
  Total: 305

Bestinet is committed to conducting its business in a responsible manner and does not engage in unethical business practice.The company’s goal is to be a positive presence in the markets in which it operates in and affirms its commitment to its code of business conduct and ethics.We are disappointed that the author of the article did not approach us to seek clarification about these allegations before publishing the article.We would like to invite stakeholdersto come forward, and we would be happy to clarify any questions with regards to the company’s business and services.

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