Our solution is capable of delivering advanced multi-functional identification solutions tailored to the specific needs of our customers be they private sector or governments.

In Malaysia, we offer Smart ID Cards with multiple functionalities for registered Foreign Workers in the country. The multi-functional aspects of this solution are designed to maximise benefits to stakeholders such as employers, enforcement agencies and Foreign Workers themselves. The major functionalities of our Smart ID Card are:

  • Storage of a registered Foreign Worker’s information such as demographic details, employment information and work permit status. This addresses a major issue for enforcement agencies of Foreign Workers not being allowed to carry their passports by employers to prevent runaway cases where enforcement personnel will be provided with card reader to easily access this information on the spot.
  • RFID capability to assist in national or social security, by allowing employers and enforcement agencies to track and monitor the movements of Foreign Workers to prevent untoward situations.
  • Value added functions such as Touch n Go functionality for public transport and ATM function for banking transactions.