- WHY?


's proposed  will contribute to the enhancement and upgrading of the National Border Protection and Security; as well as the Country's international image by :

  1. providing strategic world class early intelligence, information, detection and alarms for effective responses and decisions; not only for Interior Ministry ; but will also serve the needs of various related enforcement agencies such as Customs, Integrated Border Enforcement Agencies including the Military, Tourism, Aviation Authority, Airport Operators and others.  
  2. providing world class common platform for the local and International inter-security agencies and authorities to work together towards common global  and national security goals;
  3. contributing towards the availability of strategic travellers' and flight passengers' information, profiling and statistics that will greatly assist agencies related to the programs to boost the Country's economic development such as Tourism,  Investment and Development Authority, International Trade, National Human Resources and others.
The  will also be used to improve the National Gateway services and enhance the much sought after high quality tourists and travellers' positive experiences visiting the Country.
 in line with WCO, ICAO and IATA standards and recommendations; when enabling such pre-screening functions and procedures;   will also result in  the betterment of pre-clearance services, by  allowing the operators and users to exercise the  options to making all processes and welcoming procedures for the known, trusted, non-risk and regular travellers - shorter, faster, more efficient, convenient and world class.

Global trend and common issues: A Major Driving Force

Many of the developed and developing global governments have moved to renew and upgrade their country's security strategy in the wake of the devastating global international terrorist threats and its global terror networking and recruiting activities.
On top of that, the elements of global syndicated organized crimes and human trafficking are becoming more complex, advance and sophisticated.   is designed to fit into these global collaborations and face the new global threats and challenges.
The implementation of  can boost global confidence on the Country's commitment to latest international security standards.
The increasing volume and movement of global air-passengers to and from every country affect every government, and Governments is not isolated from this global development.  is one of the crucial National security tool needed by the Country today to face and manage these overwhelming global changes.  


National and  global Security, as well as the strategic positioning of Governments both as a regional trade and investment hub and as the preferred tourism destination for the region  - are among the key driving factors on the urgent needs for APSS.
The recent global key events of threats and potential devastating national scale of dangers and risks - such as the rise of global terrorism, Ebola global scare, sophisticated organized crimes and human trafficking - as well as the recent crisis, out bursts and exodus of global refugees from troubled areas - makes it compulsory for the Country to join the common global inter security agencies' efforts and facilities in order to be able to face these challenges effectively.
APSS shall be the common global security and integrated border control and protection platform.
It is important to note that the proposal is tailored to meet Governments' critical requirement of an Advance Passenger Processing System to facilitate advance pre-clearance of travelers to complement existing border management security applications.


National and Global Security:
The main objective of the APSS is to enable the achievement of one of the national key result areas (NKRAs) - to improve the security of the country by:
  • Providing the needed critical tool and applications for better, integrated and holistic Border Protection and Control mechanism
  • Providing an effective platform for the Government's  inter-agencies enforcement teams to work as coordinated and integrated work force to guarantee better and more effective results
  • Providing an effective platform for International inter-security agencies enforcement teams to work with each other, as coordinated and integrated work force to guarantee better and more effective enforcement results
  • Providing advance, early and timely information and intelligence to better counter new sophisticated global challenges and  threats
National and Global Socio-Political and Economy:
The Country’s security ranking on international benchmarks will improve, thus will create a more conducive environment that will have positive impacts on the Country's political, social and economic well being.
Pre Screening allows Pre Clearance which results in improving global travelers welcoming processes and procedures. These will result in:
  • A more attractive business and investment environment, for Global businesses and investors;
  • A safer and more secure country, with world class travelers' inbound processing capabilities;  will attract more high quality tourists and visitors  thereby generating growth for Governments' economy;
  • A fulfillment of National Obligation and Responsibility by the Government to the citizens, residents and dwellers of the Country.

Background Information 

The APSS will automate pre-screening of international air traveler in advance of arrival through a process known as Advance Passenger Pre-screening or Advance Traveler Risk Management.   
An advance notice of  air passengers inbound, will enable  traveler details  to  be  pre-processed  and  checked  against  relevant  alert  lists,  and  for appropriate arrangements to be made for high risk elements to either refuse entry at departure control point overseas, or further managed on their arrival by the Border Control enforcement teams. 
Existing border control systems or entry-exit processing systems are enhanced by providing a new layer of pre-screening beyond the borders which provides advance notification or alerts of persons of interest.  As the processing is completed away from the country’s borders, it allows primary line agencies and other interdiction agencies additional valuable time to plan and arrange for interdiction or surveillance of persons of interest.
  • the establishment of Integrated Central National Coordinated and Consolidated management, visualization, tracking, tracing, control and monitoring of all Inbound travellers into the country by air.
Custom Tailored Needs With World's  Best Practices.
Bestinet proposed APSS systems and solutions observe closely and take into considerations the examples, experiences, issues and learning curves of other applied APSS systems worldwide.
  • Technology wise, Bestinet and its principal and technology partners,  observe and enhance the deliverable of APSS to Governments, based on the proven and established  technologies and technical systems and mechanisms applied worldwide.
  • Commercially, Bestinet and its principal and technology partners,  observe and enhance the deliverable of APSS to Governments, based on the proven and established fees, charges and billing systems and mechanisms applied worldwide.
  • However, APSS is indeed a National Security Strategic Solution, thus, each country do differ accordingly, and  have their own peculiarities, customizations, priorities and proprietary functions and purposes.